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For as long as forever, family has been one of the greatest loves of my life! My family is where I learned to love and love well. It’s the thing that taught me to cherish life’s moments- the big and the small ones. I deeply treasure memories of my parents when my sister and I were growing up. The legacy of love they have developed in us is a stunning tribute to the beauty of relationships. I’m so fortunate that I had a Dad who had a love of capturing memories. He always had a camera with him wherever we went. That’s still true today. These days we can count on a beautiful walk down memory lane each time we come together. Our memories are proudly displayed on wall galleries and overflowing from photo albums filled with 5x7 images of some of our favorite days. We even have photos scattered all over our fridge! Growing up in a home where photos helped us remember the joyful celebrations and hilarious moments were the very things that drew me into starting a family of my own. It also sparked a passion for capturing these memories for other families- just like you!

Now, being newly married and enjoying the excitement and adventures that come with cultivating a lasting love of our own, Katzy and I have created some new memories ourselves. Through moments, timeless and irreplaceable, captured through beautiful photography, we already find ourselves reminiscing on memories shared. Each photo makes me so excited for the memories that are sure to come as our family grows! It is my hope that my love of family and passion for photography will inspire other adventurous families and couples to live a life full of love, purpose, and impact through capturing moments between loved ones in places they cherish!