Celebrating Dad (part 5)

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I thank my God every time I remember you. - Philippians

Two years ago a moment on the dance floor with my dad was something I only imagined, and then cried hysterically because... how could he be there with me? What will happen? ...

My dad's greatest desire as a young man was to have children. Kids to play with. Kids to mold into his own. Kids to teach. Kids to hug. Kids to love. Why? Because he never had a father of his own. My grandfather passed away when my dad was only 5 weeks young. He passed in such a horrific way, it's a miracle that his family who was also in the car accident also survived. My dad was in the front seat in my grandmother's arms. She and all my dad's siblings survived.

Back in 1950's my grandfather had taken his family out for a car ride... and something happen that couldn't be prevented. To save his family, he steered the car into a tree purposely into his side so that his family could survive. And they did. Not only did they survive. They thrived.

My dad is who he is today because of the foundations that my grandfather had began. Though he didn't have a father growing up, he had memories, and he had stories to hold onto. My dad would sacrifice anything for his family. Being it working at a fast food restaurant. Going to school and working full time just to put food on the table for his family, staying up late hours with the babies, surrendering his own needs and wants for the needs and wants of his family, or even sharing his ice cream. I can say that my dad loves us well.

Not only does my Dad love me, my sister, my mom and my dog tinkie well, I see him love on my friends and cousins like his own. Many of them he's adopted as his own kids, and I love seeing my friends and family get a glimpse of my dad's love.

One of my most favorite memories of Baba was when my sister and I wanted to go to the park. Baba would throw me a foam ball, and I wanted to make my Dodger fan dad proud! So I would take my plastic bat, and swing it as hard as I could! WOOSH it went... Straight into my dad's chest. LOL! I remember the look on his face. Because even though it was a foam ball... that thing still stung! He rubbed his chest. Picked up the ball, and threw it at me again! And again! And AGAIN! And when he got tired he didnt say, lets go home, no, he'd say "lets go get ice cream". I honestly believe thats where my love for ice cream began. And a deeper love for Baba rooted. 

My dad knew no limits as to make my sister and I happy. If we wanted a toy, or food, or anything that made us happy, if it was in reason, he'd get it for us. WHen we got into our teens, my sister and I would do those teenager type things, bicker, argue, fight, be rude, and defensive. My kind hearted Dad didnt know what to do with us. LOL. And I dont blame him. Teenagers didnt come with guide books. But my dad dealt with it in the best way he knew. He prayed. He prayed. And he prayed some more.

Whenever we would upset him or after an argument, he'd say to us, IM PRAYING FOR YOU TO HEAR FROM GOD CAUSE YOU'RE NOT LISTENING TO ME. And that was that.

And let me tell you. God's voice was loud and clear. He seemed to always say "Go apologize to Baba". And we did.

My dad took us everywhere we wanted to go, except to the doctor. Many times we were sick, and my dad's faith was much greater in God than in the doctors. He'd pray over us with his loving voice, and command the sickness out. And? The sickness would be gone. No doctors. No nurses. Just my dad and his buddy God. I still dont go to the doctors to this day. I just pray like my dad did, and in a few days or hours, it's all better.

My dad is a walking miracle. Not once, but several times he's been healed from outrageous situations. Like when I was only 5 weeks young, he was given a 50% chance to survive a life or death 10 hour open heart surgery, which in turn took a bad end that nearly killed my dad. But after my mom prayed... my dad suddenly became better. Fast forward 26 years from 1987, my dad fell onto the floor of a doctor's office. He became lifeless and breathless for nearly 2-3 minutes. Again my mom prayed... and breath came back to him. After that it was a series of 6 months in the hospital... 3 months continuous stay where death almost took his life again in the hospital room... but once again my mom and our entire family prayed... and he's been restored for 2 years now as though nothing happened. He's a walking testament of miracles.

If I could take ONE thing from my dad, it'd be his faith. His faith in people, in God, in himself, in his family, in love. My dad's faith is one of the strongest I've ever seen. His faith has held our family together during troubled times. His faith gives us all strength. And his faith encourages us to hope for the best in everything.

So my heart goes out to you, that today as you prepare to celebrate with your Dad this weekend, the faith, hope, and love my dad has imparted on me, that YOU and your family would also receive.

I love you Baba.


Love Always,



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