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Hi Friends!

It's been such a long time since I've shared a bit of my life ongoings! It's been such an incredible and also busy summer! I've finally had a chance to catch up on life and get some rest in at the same time! I can't believe how fast this year has gone by! It's almost Katzy & I's wedding anniversary!!

During June, Katzy & I took a month off from social media, and basically anything media (except photographing, and editing), to really focus on our mental, spiritual, and physical health. We ate clean, woke up refreshed, and rested our minds. It was amazing to start every day with so much clairity! 

I really miss being away from the computer and phone, but in this line of work, electronics really cant be avoided. For a season I think it's good though to take a break from it all.

Ever since the last Father's Day series, I also took a mini break from blogging as well. There was a quietness that my soul needed from sharing all my work on the interwebs. It was hard to balance between desiring to get out on top with the latest shoots, but to also REST my mind from constantly working. I'm a workaholic at heart, but through the entire experience I've learned discipline in a whole new way. Rather than rushing and pushing and struggling through trying to find new content or pieces to share, it's more living life as it is, enjoying moments as it comes, and not taking for granted the next steps in life. 

There's a certain type of discipline in all of that too, you have to make LIVING LIFE intentional. Meaning, you prepare for it, then you rest from it, and the fruitfulness from your laboring will come forth. If we constantly find ourselves planning and planning and planning, you're in a perpetual state of preparation and planning. The calendar is always booked. The time is always busy. THERE'S NO TIME FOR THAT... thing... But when you fall into a rhythm of preparation, rest, and soaking in the results, that constant striving just cant thrive anymore. You're living now.

That's how I've been feeling for the past month and a half. I finally feel like I'm living.

Not to mention, Katzy & I also received Disney Passes!! SO WHO WOULDNT BE LIVING AFTER THAT?!!? We're so excited!!

Below is a bit of preview of the next blog posts to come! You can expect a post every Tuesday and Thursday each week! I'm super stoked to share the smiles, laughs, and hilarity in each of these sessions!!

Thanks friends for being so faithful in following my journey. 

Many Loves,













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