"If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together."

Please welcome the official one and only EXTRAORDINARY GALS OF TEAM CHRISTINA CHO PHOTOGRAPHY!

You guys... what we do here would not be possible with out my ladies.

These are my right and left hand women. No exaggeration. So thankful for them!

These women have been instrumental in helping me with the business side of things so that I can spend more time with my family!

I could not imagine a more talented, creative, and fun group of ladies to run with!!! 

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Roles- Photography, Video, & Administration

As I was growing up,I found myself developing many passions such as photography, videography, sewing, reading, writing, traveling, and above all Jesus. Ironically, I was raised by a business owner and engineer! When I was a kid, I loved photography and writing. There was so much enjoyment capturing and visually seeing moments in photography. There was also immense happiness describing and telling stories. I picked up videography to create videos and post it for my family members back home whenever I’m on a missions trip.  My passion for writing continuously pushes me to working into becoming a writer either on my own or for an entertainment industry. For now, I am excited to work with Christina learning more about all the areas of my creative passions in both photography AND videography!

Another detail about myself is that I am a hopeless romantic and because of that I love shooting engagement sessions. I believe engagement sessions focus on the soon to be newlyweds more so than weddings since the session is devoted to only the couple.  I absolutely love capturing two people simply being in love. It is a refreshing and joyful thing to witness. Overall, my work and passion is all given to the Lord and I hope that my desire for the Lord is shown through it.  

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Instagram: @JaclynneTran
Website: Jaclynne Tran


Roles- Video & Media Management

Growing up I was constantly jumping around between hobbies and passions. The summer before my sophomore year of highschool I picked up a camera and the rest is history. Now my biggest passions in life include photography, videography, and Jesus. It has been amazing during these past few years seeing how God has worked all my passions together and all to glorify him. I am also very excited to see what He has planned for my future. I spend my free time hanging out with friends, filming and hangout out with my dog Charlie. I am a junior in high school and am currently working on college applications and hope to attend my dream school USC. My favorite things to shoot are definitely people- sometimes it's simply my friends being models or doing a winter formal or prom shoot.

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Instagram @bailey_captain


Roles- Photography & Media Management

I have a few things I am passionate about: photography, ministry, health,traveling, and Jesus. I don't know how Jesus is going to use all these passions that he has given me to further His kingdom, but I am excited for how He is using photography in this season of my life.

I love newborn shoots. Capturing the precious moments between new parents and their child is so sweet. I'm very excited to be working with Christina; her love for love is contagious and her desire to give back is inspiring.

Instagram @HaileighNoelle

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Photos by: Michael Modino