Christina Cho Photography | Diaz Family Session | Pacific City, Huntington Beach California

Diaz Family Session | Pacific City, Huntington Beach California

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There are not enough words to explain how dear to me the Diaz family is. Katzy has known Conan (dad) and Vivian (mom) for most of his life and I’ve had the privilege of knowing the family for the last 5 or so years- and I’ve taken their family photo’s for just as many years. Their children were even in my wedding!

This time around we decided to visit Huntington Beach for their session. There is a place at the Pacific City outdoor strip mall where you can walk around, visits shops, all while being right across the street from the beach. It turned out to be a beautiful backdrop for capturing memories with this sweet family!

As much as I love capturing the sweet moments, there is nothing better than catching the hilarity and joy shared between each of them. Seriously, look at the snapshots of them jumping. Those faces crack me up and truly capture the fun shared between each of them.

The memories made and the images captured have become some great treasures. I look forward to capturing the love between this family and this couple for many more years to come. Watching a families love story grow is the best part of my job!


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After spending just 5 minutes with the Diaz family it’s easy to see that they exude fun and radiate with joy! Conan is one of the biggest jokesters- he is playful! He can barely stay serious long enough to snap a ‘normal’ photo. It’s one of my favorite things about our shoots. christinachophotography_familyphotographer_familyphotography_familysession_weddingphotographer_weddingphotography_1513christinachophotography_familyphotographer_familyphotography_familysession_weddingphotographer_weddingphotography_1513

The kiddos, Hinata, Sasuke, and Sakura, are the absolute sweetest! But, they are so camera shy! But, dad being his silly self was great about swooping in and being the best diversion. He was great about running around with the kids, jumping all over the place, and making pit stops at some perfect spots for a quick photo. I mean, look at this beautiful moment captured at the telescope. It’s the epitome of a father's love. I’m so blessed to be able to capture these treasured moments and freeze them in time so they are never forgotten! christinachophotography_familyphotographer_familyphotography_familysession_weddingphotographer_weddingphotography_1520christinachophotography_familyphotographer_familyphotography_familysession_weddingphotographer_weddingphotography_1520 christinachophotography_familyphotographer_familyphotography_familysession_weddingphotographer_weddingphotography_1514christinachophotography_familyphotographer_familyphotography_familysession_weddingphotographer_weddingphotography_1514

It’s so important to me to make a photo session enjoyable for the kids, too. So, we went on a hunt to find ice cream. And we hit the jackpot! Orange County has a famous ice cream shop called Hans Ice Cream and we found it right there on the strip. We stopped in to get the three amigos some frozen treats and they were thrilled! I’m convinced there is nothing happier than ice cream! christinachophotography_familyphotographer_familyphotography_familysession_weddingphotographer_weddingphotography_1523christinachophotography_familyphotographer_familyphotography_familysession_weddingphotographer_weddingphotography_1523 christinachophotography_familyphotographer_familyphotography_familysession_weddingphotographer_weddingphotography_1515christinachophotography_familyphotographer_familyphotography_familysession_weddingphotographer_weddingphotography_1515 christinachophotography_familyphotographer_familyphotography_familysession_weddingphotographer_weddingphotography_1518christinachophotography_familyphotographer_familyphotography_familysession_weddingphotographer_weddingphotography_1518 christinachophotography_familyphotographer_familyphotography_familysession_weddingphotographer_weddingphotography_1522christinachophotography_familyphotographer_familyphotography_familysession_weddingphotographer_weddingphotography_1522 christinachophotography_familyphotographer_familyphotography_familysession_weddingphotographer_weddingphotography_1524christinachophotography_familyphotographer_familyphotography_familysession_weddingphotographer_weddingphotography_1524

One of my favorite parts of photo shoots is when we let the kids run around and let off some energy so I can squeeze in some pictures of the parents. It’s so special to see the love they have for each other, and in the case of the Diaz family, the playfulness between Conan and Vivian. I always joke and call this their second engagement photo session. It’s the cutest! christinachophotography_familyphotographer_familyphotography_familysession_weddingphotographer_weddingphotography_1516christinachophotography_familyphotographer_familyphotography_familysession_weddingphotographer_weddingphotography_1516 christinachophotography_familyphotographer_familyphotography_familysession_weddingphotographer_weddingphotography_1517christinachophotography_familyphotographer_familyphotography_familysession_weddingphotographer_weddingphotography_1517


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