Christina Cho Photography | 30 With Christina | A 7 Day Photo Challenge!

30 With Christina | A 7 Day Photo Challenge!

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I've been wanting to do this for quite some time!!!... PHOTO CLASSES! Many have been messaging me about photo tips and tricks and I'd love to share my experiences as a group to as many who'd like to learn!!

Soooo starting Jan 31, videos will be recorded LIVE in a private Facebook group. And there are only three requirements:
1. You own a phone/camera that can take photos
2. A few minutes of your time each day to practice what you learned!
3. To share your photos in the group with your new friends! <3

These tips are my GO-TO's during split second decisions that YOU can learn to make. Which is why the course is called 30 With Christina. 30 Seconds to make a decision and take a great photo in any situation!

This class is: 
7 days!
For all ages
ANDDDD For anyone wanting to learn how to take better photos!!! WOOHOO!

PM or Email me at to apply for the class!

We will also be meeting up Feb 8th IN PERSON at a special location to do a 1 hour practice shoot together!

Can't wait to see you lovelies!!!!!!


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