Ayash-Duong Family Session | Tustin, CA

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind of emotions and I’ve been absent in posting, not just because I’m preggo, but also because one of the most amazing people I’ve gotten know over the past few years has gained a seat in heaven. I’ve been trying my best to wrap my head around him being gone... and honestly ... it’s hard. Photography is such an intimate art form for me... especially in the moments that the image is taken.... my heart becomes so connected and intertwined with my subjects... and when amazing people like this man right here, who may look rough on the exterior, but has such a great and deep heart on the inside move onto eternity I can only find joy in knowing I’ll meet them again one day. I came to know James and his family just shy of 5 years... but in that short amount of time I learned so much about marriage, generosity, and faith. His legacy lives on through his family especially his amazing super woman of a wife @michelleduongpix ... Thank you James for making such an impact on the lives of everyone around you. 

When I’ve met people who have truly inspired me just by being who they are, I honestly have to question... how do they do it and why. James had been one of those people. We didn’t have long conversations, nor did we meet more than 1-2 times a year for their annual family sessions. But what I gleaned from our yearly hour together was so much more than words and all the time in the world could exchange. I saw a man who loved, honored, respected, and was completely devoted to his wife and family. I saw a man who didn’t let negativity draw him down. And I saw a man who would do anything to bring joy to the people he loves. All these things were so evident when people shared their relationship with James through the years during his birthday last year. It’s evident through his wife who just shines from the inside out because there’s no question of a doubt that she’s been loved so deeply and intentionally by him. These are the kind of extraordinary people I have the honor of capturing. My heart continues to grieve James’s physical absence but I’m taking joy in knowing his heavenly place has no grief or pain and he is in complete joy there.

I’ve purposely held on this last part of the tribute series to James cause honestly it felt like the last time I’d talk about him. But I woke up this morning having a renewed mindset towards “loss”... that just because Someone isn’t mentioned 24/7 their memories live on through the people who love them most. I’ve been incredibly blessed to capture the love of these two the past few years... along with their amazing family. Looking at the gorgeous sunset on top of Orange Hill the night we all had dinner tonight will forever be engrained in my heart and mind. Knowing James is there in a place of peace and joy. With no pain. Just beauty. I pray your family continues to take solace in the things that brought you all joy especially in seasons of hardship. So much love to you guys <3 <3

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